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Quick facts about Palolem Beach

Hi, Here are some quick facts about Palolem, to read more articles about Palolem, click here: Palolem Beach Goa.

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Quick facts about Palolem:

Some scenes from Matt Damon’s major motion picture The Bourne Supremacy (2004) were shot here,

At the north end of the beach on the island dubbed ‘Monkey Island’ there is a sculpture by famous artist Jacek Tylicki called ‘Give if you can, Take if you have to’. 

Goa is India’s smallest state and Palolem is one of its southernmost beaches

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Patnem beach Goa

Patnem beach is much quieter than Palolem and just as beautiful. There are other more quieter beaches close by also. There is more of a breeze in Palolem than Patnem. 
The beaches in most of north goa are nothing as nice as the beaches around Palolem, although when you go as far north as Arambol the beaches here are lovely.

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Reviews of Palolem Beach

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Palolem Beach - Goa - Reviews of Palolem Beach - TripAdvisor

WOW!!!!! What a fantastic place. As I think happens with a lot of people, we had only anticipated staying here for 3 nights, when in fact, we spent 10 nights here. It is totally relaxing, the beach is fantastic. There’s a great little backwater trip you can do when it’s high tide. (100 rupees per person!) You can walk out…

Review of Palolem Beach

Hi, Here is a very nice review of Palolem Beach Goa.

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Palolem Beach - Goa - Reviews of Palolem Beach - TripAdvisor

A 3km palm fringed sandy beach that’s a bit of Paradise on earth. India wasn’t the first place I thought of looking for the “perfect beach” but that’s almost what we found in Palolem. A local planning restriction means that there are no permanent brick buildings with eyeshot of the beach, so what has developed is a string of restaurants… 

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VideoSniper: Palolem-India

Hi, Here is a very nice video of Palolem Beach Goa.

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Shots from Palolem, Goa, southern India. Video of beautiful and hospitable people that are living in this former Portuguese colony. Music is a Peace Incantation by the great Ravi Shankar. ...
VideoSniper -

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Relaxing in Goa — Palolem, India

Hi, here is a nice article about Palolem Beach, Goa before the season starts,

Remember there is lots more information about Palolem in our guide Palolem


Palolem, India

After yet another night in the train and now more than 48 hours since our last shower we arrived in Madgaon, Goa. The climate has changed completely now. Suddenly everything is green and the humidity has skyrocketed. At the station we discovered that the bus terminal had been located with typical Indian logic, a mere 6 km away from the station. Soon after we found where to go with the bus and settled in for waiting at least an hour before the first bus for Palolem would leave. Somehow we found out that we could go on a bus immediately that would stop only 2 km from Palolem. Quickly we got on and the conductor promised to make sure to give us a head up and make sure we got off at the right place. The bus soon got filled to the bursting point, as everyone was bringing quite a bit of luggage. In an attempt to fill as little space as possible we tried to put our bags in the top shelves, only to discover that our backpacks where far bigger. So we sat on a 3 person bench with our luggage on our laps trying to take up as little room as we could.

After almost not getting off at the right stop (the conductor had forgotten everything about giving us a head ups) we walked the short distance towards Palolem. All new impressions started to sink in. First was the fact it was humid and green, but also that the culture here is very different. The feeling is in many ways much more European. Painted advertisements, catholic shrines (from Portuguese times), proper roads and no constant sound of car horns. It was also a lot cooler in Goa; around 28 degrees rather than 38. It was delightful.

Finding the "strip" of Palolem proved to be more difficult than expected. All we saw were small huts and not so many hotels and shops. After a while we enjoyed our first rain in India. At that point we were luckily located outside a restaurant. We had a delicious breakfast and we used the break to look in our travel bible Lonely Planet. We determined our location to be at the very south end of Palolem. We walked on to the beach to Palolem itself and discovered that it was indeed the beginning of the season: most of the beach huts were in the process of being built (before the monsoon they are taken down). With our usual determination we walked the full stretch to get an overview. But easy it was not. In the end we sat down at a beach restaurant and order drinks while Vicky went out looking for accommodations leaving the difficult job of sitting with the bags to Tue. After a while the clouds opened again. Vicky came back drenched and with good news. She found a cosy purple cottage in a beach resort, actually on the beach! It was the last one available. We checked in, enjoyed our very necessary showers and went out for a beer. And guess what? There is no tax on beers :-) Beer is less than half price compared to Rajasthan.

This morning we discovered the best breakfast place ever: Euphoria. They serve an endless variety of organic fruit & vegetable shakes, salads and meals. It really is heaven for our taste buds. Even true carnivore Tue loves it. Today we will have a further look around. Until Friday we will stay in Palolem. Hopefully the sun will show itself more frequently. Otherwise there are enough other things to tickle ourselves with: ayurveda massages, dolphin watching, swimming (it is still very warm!) and of course walking…

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Shed on Stlits — Goa , Goa, India

Hi, here is a very good article about beach huts accommodation at Palolem Beach, Goa

Remember there is lots more information about Palolem in our guide Palolem


Goa , Goa, India

We are sitting on on the deck of our beach hut, which if you know your beach huts is basically a double garden shed on stilts with a jax stuck on to the back of it, with the arabian sea softly mashing up the sand below us. I'm just back from having a shave and the kids are asleep under their mosquito nets with the fan gently circulating the sea air over them. Outside on the deck there is very light breeze over which we can occasionally here some techno beats drifting over from the busier Palolem Beach. Our hut is in the middle of a small cove on Colomb beach, we basically have the place to ourselves as it is the end of the season and a lot of people have left, also the chaos caused by the icelandic volcano has meant a lot of people havn’t been able to travel out and the ones trying to get home are in the towns near the airports.

We arrived in Goa town on a flight from Udaipur in Rajastan. From Goa town we decided to go Benaulim in south Goa about an hour from the airport but when we got there we immiadiatley decided to go further south. After consulting with our taxi driver who had already been driving us around for an hour and a half we decided to head south another 100 kilometres.

We arrived in Palolem about an hour later and found ourselves once again not too sure if we wanted to stay where we were first brought to. It was looking a bit too crusty our liking. We asked to be brought two most family friendly looking places we had read about, Shiva and Baktikutur. Both these places have there entrances directly opposite each other on a laneway at the back of the beach. Lisa being the accomodation commandant on the trip had the job of flitting too and fro between both places checking out the rooms and the facilities. I could sense on this occasion some hesitation on her part, Shiva was newer, Baktikutur was cooler, better eco-credentials, however, both were in the middle of the jungle, '’awoomba awoomba awoomba awoomba, In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the spiders sleep tonight’’. Lisa has a serious phobia about arachnids which the children have inherited, not good in the tropics. All three of them frightened the shit out of the driver who brought us here with a screaming fit in the back of his cab, he must have thought there was a tarantula in the back with the level of hysteria. He pulled over and jumped out ready to save them only to find the tiniest spider trying to escape from them. I nearly puked from laughing so much.

Any way we decided on Baktikutur because it’s restaurant was open, as it does not close down for the monsoon. For 10 euro we got a big hut in the middle of the jungle. They would all have to get used to sharing their living space with other beasties. This place is run by a german lady who has been down here for 25 years and does some seriously good food,

We had always said we would look for other accomodation after we settled in and found this place Green Park Cottages a couple of days later It was better for us in that it was directly on the beach which allows for some cooling air in the evenings. It also was going to set me back by about 8 euro a night, a saving of 2 euro, enough for Kingfishers x 650ml x 4, not bad.

This place is perfect for the next few days. The kids are having a ball, the water is the right combination of waves for Axel and his boogey board. Elka demands I bring her in as well, for hour upon hour. The food is varied enough for their fussy pallets and the sun shines.

Right now I am sitting with the said Kingfisher’s looking out over a picture perfect moonlit cove deciding whether to have the kingprawn’s tomorrow, or the the Goan seafood curry.

Lisa has gone to bed and I am off to join her.

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The Goan Story - I've still got sand in my shoes — Palolem, Goa, India

Hi, here is a very nice article about  Palolem Beach, Goa

Remember there is lots more information about Palolem Beach, click here to see some: Palolem Beach



Palolem, Goa, India

For the past one month, I googled everything under the sun to make my trip to Goa all the more worthwhile. I couldn’t find a beach that matched the perceived image of Goa that bore in my mind since I don’t know when. After running through a whole lot of web pages, I finally saw Palolem beach on the Internet. That was it…’I am so very going to this place’, I told myself.

The day before I left for Mumbai, I turned a little kid, excited, oblivious and nervous. Me and my friend left for Mumbai on March 7. There is something about traveling in trains that excites me. ‘IF YOU ARE TO DISCOVER INDIA, the way India is, YOU OUGHT TO TRAVEL IN TRAINS’.

We reached Mumbai on March 9. An hour and a half long taxi ride took us to my grandmother’s place. That very day at 2.30 AM, we left for VT station, where we had arrived from Kolkata a few hours back. I used the ATM counter there, had some coffee and waited for the Big thing…..Goa. Goa was calling…

The train ride was smooth. The Western Ghats looked gorgeous and Goa was all Green. There was a visible transformation in the landscape when we were entering Goa – the dusty golden brown landscapes gradually turned Green. We finally reached Madgaon at 2.20 PM.

I had researched about this place to such an extent that once I reached Goa, I felt as if I had been there a million times before. I headed straight towards the auto stand, took an auto that dropped us at the bus stand. We settled for a bus that took us to Chaudi, a few minutes walk away from the desired beach, Palolem.

It was a great ride up to Chaudi, something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. The bus snaked up the hill, beyond which was the great sea. On arriving at Palolem, we got to the hotel in no time. We left our bags, undressed and headed for the sea.

Chattai was where we stayed - absolutely an absolute delight to an urbanite. Be it the wash basin, the bed, the mosquito net or the large sit out area…everything was in place….the evenings were just about perfect.

The chic restaurant offered great ambiance and the food served was lip-smacking.

Circled by coconut trees, the large sit out i.e. the roof top was one of its own kinds. A perfect place to unwind...If any of my ex-Compare mates is reading this out…I must say - Remember the numerous articles we wrote about the hotels in Goa….the surrounding places…and all....well I have experienced all of that right here.

This was it….can this be true…..after visiting millions of web pages, settling for back to back train journeys, and having planned and sketched every move…here it is The Palolem Beach,,,’Thee’ place I was dying to see… All I could say at that point of time was just WoW…losing my speech temporarily out of sheer excitement…my eyes could hardly measure and soak up the depth and pulse of this Promised Land. How I wish, if I were to stay here for the rest of my life….though I do realize that it sounds unrealistic.

We bathed, bathed and bathed…the white sands, the twirling waves and the gigantic backdrop (thanks to the twin hills)…this place was just WOW…I keep repeating myself.

The sun had already gone down, so I couldn’t take any photographs.

We headed for one of the restaurants and treated ourselves with Kingfish, spicy noodles, port wine and salads. Then we went to the local market, bought a few bottles of Port wine, not to mention a whole lot of snacks. I shopped a white kurta for myself,,,,tested my bargaining skills here and eventually got it for a mere 90 bucks.

We wanted to get drunk very badly and so we did….the rest…certain things are better not to be told….Gluttons we are…so much so that we had specifically chalked out how much we would spend on food for this trip. We ordered parathas and Chicken vindalu at the restaurant in Chattai, where we stayed.

The next morning, I knew I had no option but to click some great photos. It was such a beautiful place; the pictures would automatically come good. I knew that even if I did not click good photos, I would not be disappointed, because all that would matter to me was how much I had enjoyed.

We had sandwiches for breakfast. Then followed the photo shoot.

We went back to Chattai, and had fish curry and rice for lunch - a must-have Goan cuisine. We geared up for another dip in Palolem.

At noon, we had some coffee at a café. Then the shoot began - sunset, the red ball, beach action, molten gold,,,,,I did not know which one to click.

"Nothing gonna change my love for u" - I spotted two beautiful people in love on the beach - There was something about this couple that took my attention…endearing in many ways than one…

Port wine was in the calling, once the sun went down. We had sizzlers, noodles, grilled snapper and salads for dinner. This time round we had dinner right on the beach amid a candle light setting. We were exhausted or may be just as we realized that this was technically the last day in Palolem we were disheartened.

The next morning we packed our bags to leave this place. We felt so bad. ‘HAPPY DAYS ARE SHORTLIVED WHILE SAD HOURS STAY LONG’. The ten minutes walk down to Chaudi from Chattai was something that I just cannot forget. We knew that the beach was close by and we could have had visited it for the last time, we looked at each other’s faces and said nothing, both of us knew what we felt.

It was a beginning - I know I have to travel to a lot of places, I cannot stick to one. But I will surely treasure this experience for the rest of my life...

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Great video of Palolem Beach Goa

Here's a cool video I wanted to share with you all - it gives you an idea of what Palolem Beach Goa is like. 

For more information on Palolem Beach Goa visit our guide. 

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Lifes A Beach — Palolem, Goa, India

Hi, here is a cool article about beautiful life on the beach in Palolem Beach, Goa

Remember there is lots more information about Palolem, click here to see some: Palolem Beach


Palolem, Goa, India

Palolem is beautiful.
bars all along the beach and food is lovely and cheap! Beer is 80p a
bottle and its buy one get one free before midnight! :)
We found
accommodation as soon as we got off the bus. R300 between us per night
which is 4 pound 30 (no pound sign here on keyboard). lovely room.. even
had a TV!!
So we stayed there 6 nights... had intended on 4 but we
met lots of cool people n got to know the place that we found it hard to
leave. We visited the beach next to it called Patnem which was more
secluded. We saw dolphins one early evening which was cool... especially
as Stine and I had stayed up till 7 next morning to see them as they
apparently come onto the shore.. but not that morning,
There are
animals everywhere!! especialy dogs. There are cows just walking down
the street, even queuing up to get into the resturants. I was walking
back to the appartment one afternoon on my own when a HUUUUGGEE Camel
walked around the corner on its own. Very bazaar!! But thats Goa!!

got the bus up to North Goa today, Baga. Were not too impressed so were
gonna move further north tomorrow to Anjuna , stay there a few nights
and then the relaxing ends and we head up to Rajasthan. thats is for now

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Life on the beach... — Palolem, Goa, India

I've just found this really cool article about life on the beach in Palolem Beach, Goa

Remember there is lots more information about Palolem, click here to see some: Palolem Beach

Life on the beach... — Palolem, Goa, India

Palolem, Goa, India

While we were still in Anjuna we rented a scooter for the day for Rs 200 (just under £3.00) and went up to the north of Goa to have lunch in Arambol and a wander down the beach. Luckily people drive a little bit better than they do in the big cities like Delhi or Jaipur or I don't think we would have even contemplated it! After Arambol we made our way back down the coast to visit Chapora fort, which is an old ruin of a Portuguese fort which looks out over the north Goan coastline with panoramic views. We then jumped back on the scooter and headed down to look at the shops in Calangute before returning to Anjuna.

We were both quite sad to leave Anjuna which had been such a welcome break from the madness of Rajasthan, but on the Saturday we once again packed our bags and took the bus down to Benaulim. Our first night there we ended up staying in what was initially described by the owner as a 'Coco hut,' which in fact turned out to be more like a box made out of corrugated metal, with less than sanitary bedding and ants everywhere you looked. As taken as we were with our 'coco hut' we made the decision to look elsewhere for the second and third night and ended up in a much nicer less rusty place called Tansy's. There were two real highlights while staying in Benaulim; meeting a rather interesting dude called Shiva who ended up giving us an Indian cooking lesson, and visiting the spice plantation just outside Ponda.

Shiva is a guy who basically is a bit of a local entrepreneur offering cooking classes, organizing day trips and taxis all over the place for tourists that he bumps into drinking down on the beach in Benaulim. His English is impecable, and his knowledge of the UK was actually quite scary. When he found out where we were from he was able to name individual postcodes for areas of Edinburgh and Warrington off the top of his head and new the names of their local newspapers! So on our second day we went for a three hour cooking class which he only charged us Rs 650 for both of us (around £9) at the end of which we got to tuck into a rather tasty three course meal including chapatis, vegetable masala, Sara (a lentil dish) and a really good cabbage bajhi. Can't wait to get the chance to try them all out for ourselves. It also transpires that Shiva knows Rich and Elli and met them three weeks ago while they were here on thier honeymoon- its a small world...

The spice plantation was also an amazing experience. We took the bus from Benaulim to Margao, then Margao to Ponda from where we took a tuc-tuc to the plantation. We had a really good guide all to ourselves who showed us round telling us all about the different plants and trees growing in the plantation getting to sample things as we went along. We tried a fruit which we'd never heard of or seen before called a Rose apple which looked a bit like a tiny pink marrow but tasted like a cross between an apple and a mellon. At the very end we had an really tasty meal which was included in the Rs 400 ticket price, all made with spices from within the plantation.

On Tuesday we took the bus from Benaulim, which took about an hour and a half to Palolem where we are currently staying. Palolem is by far the most picturesque place we've visited up to this point with a beautiful sandy beach hidden away in a cove protected from the choppy waters of the Arabian sea, lined with coconut palms and beach huts- one of which we're calling home for the time being. Our hut is less than 50 meters from the waters edge and we're waking up to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, which is a rather chilled out way to start the day. There's more European travelers here than any other part of India we've been to so far and we've befriended a group of people from Finland, Denmark, Germany and Holland. There's a small Island at the north end of the beach we've all been wading out in the evenings to watch the sunset before heading out to grab some food and beer.

This morning we all clubbed together to hire a boat to go up the coast to try and see if we could see dolphins- a success and a really good start to the day! I think Palolem is is going to be even more difficult to leave than Anjuna and I think we probably both wish we could have a bit more time here, but at the same time we're really looking forwards to heading onto Hampi before our epic two day train/coach journey down to Trivandrum in Kerala for the last leg of the Indian part of our trip.

I can't remember if Kat's already mentioned, but due to all the problems in Thailand at the moment we've had to have a rethink that part of the journey and we've decided to go to Malaysia for two weeks instead. It was a tough decision but somebody had to make it. We'll try to be in touch soon- probably when we get to Hampi, hoping that everyones well back in the UK.

Take care

Ewan and Kat

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Goa Jungle Adventure

We are always looking for great activities going in Palolem and indeed the whole of Goa, so we can let you all know about them.
One such activity is 'Goa Jungle Adventure'.

French owner Emanuel runs day trip adventures around Goa which include water fall trekking, ridge trekking and canyoning. Just what you need if you feel lazing about on the beach has become too much for you! It is also great because it gets you out into the Goan jungle, and introduces you to the local wildlife and fauna. It really is an experience you shouldn't miss. For more information contact Emanuel through the Goa Jungle Adventure page on

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Weddings in Palolem, Goa

Ever considered having your wedding in Palolem, Goa? Many people have, and we have received emails from many couples asking us for advice about the ins and outs of getting married in Goa, India. We have come across this website on Weddings in Palolem. There is now a new wedding planner service in Palolem, Goa which will help you make your dream wedding a reality. Sounds like a dream come true.
Rice Presented for Pre-Wedding Hindu Ritual, Kolkata, India

Rice Presented for Pre-Wedding Hindu Ritual, Kolkata, India

Photographic Print

I'Anson, Richard

Buy at

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The season has picked up now, most resorts have opened their doors and the restaurants are serving delicious food to be enjoyed in the sun... Are you in Palolem at the moment? We would love to hear about where you are staying or what restaurants you are enjoying... Your feedback is at the heart of our website.
Here's a beautiful image from the end of Palolem Beach for you..

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Silent noise Launch Party

This will be the third season of Silent Noise headphone parties at Palolem Beach, Goa. Why not head over to the launch party to see what it's all about! This is a guaranteed great night out.

Start Time: 9pm
Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 10:00pm
Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 4:00am
Neptune Point
Palolem, India
powered by INDIVIBE.COM

Saturday November 7th 2009
Neptune Point, Palolem, Goa

Fire Dancers, Visuals, Performers!

The Final Wave Season Closing Party in May 2009 in Goa was a BLAST. Now we're back to OPEN the season with a massive beach party in Palolem.

Silent Noise is launching its 3rd Season on the 7th of November at a totally revamped Neptune Point (Outdoor Ocean Front Venue).

Silent Noise has been tipped by the Guardian (UK) as one of the best Beach Parties in the world (

Question: How do you keep the party going and the people dancing all night long when there’s a sound ban after 10pm? Answer: headphones.

Welcome to Silent Noise, where wireless headsets allow those people that want to party to do so, while nobody else is disturbed. Here there are several hundred party goers rocking the night away, while around the corner folks aren’t even aware anything is going on. With 3 DJs playing on 3 channels - there's always something you will like!

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India Travel

I thought you would enjoy reading some more of our articles about travelling in India. Palolem, is my all time favourite place in India, but I love travelling in India as a whole and have done a whole lot of it! Another one of my favourite places is Kerala. Often dubbed 'God´s own country' it has so much to offer and is a beautifully moving place to visit.

A MUST DO in Kerala is a cruise on a houseboat through the magical backwaters. I have written a personal account of my first such houseboat cruise and am happy to share it with you here. Enjoy and do send me any feedback if you spend some time in Kerala!

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New Palolem Video Section

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Video Section!

Video's are a fast interative way to find out more about Palolem, Goa and what it has to offer.

This is another part of our mission to bring you as much information as possible about Palolem all into one place

Check the videos now!

Some are private documentaries taken in Palolem and the surrounding beaches in Goa and some are videos of some of the accommodation and beach hut resorts available in Palolem.

If you have recently taken a video in Palolem, in Goa, or anywhere in India and you would like to share it with other please send it on to us!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


We have had several emails commenting on the lack of information we have up about Agonda beach and we are working to get more accommodation information about Agonda soon. Agonda is located about 15 minutes away from Palolem in a rickshaw or taxi, it is a little less built up than Palolem and is well worth at least a day trip! Some people may prefer to stay in Agonda than Palolem, while others enjoy combining stays at both beaches...

We received a lovely email from a couple who stayed in Agonda this season. Here is what they had to say:
We are a Danish couple + 6o who stayed 5 days in Om Sai Agonda Beach Hut. It is extremely quiet and is a wonderful change from everything else if you want to rest in silence and go for long walks along a beautiful stretch of fantastic beach. Not so many dogs and not so many selling people. very, very beautiful place. For old as well as young, singles or couples. Go for it. Thank you, everybody in Om Sai Agonda Beach Huts.
Kirsten and Eric.
Look out for additions to our Agonda information soon!

How do I get from Goa airport to Palolem?

A frequent question we get asked is
How do I get from Goa International Airport to Palolem?
The easiest way to get from Goa Dabolim International Airport is to get a taxi. Otherwise you can get a public bus to Vasco, and then change for another bus to Margao and from there take a bus to Palolem.
How long is the trip and how much should one estimate paying?
Goa International Airport is a one and a half hours drive away from Palolem by taxi.
Expect to pay 1200 Rupees for a taxi from Goa airport to Palolem. The easiest thing to do is order one at the ‘Prepaid Taxi’ rank as soon as you arrive at the airport. That way you pay beforehand and will not have to deal with any bartering. If you want to bargain you go outside of the airport and find a taxi there.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Looking for some night life in Palolem?!?

Every Saturday and every Thursday night at Neptune's point in Palolem, Goa... SILENT NOISE!
Silent Noise is the answer for anyone looking for some good night life and a very good boogie while they are out in Palolem. Local authorities have become very strict about noise pollution in Palolem, Goa over the last few years and have imposed a ban on almost all music after 10pm at night. Silent Noise is the answer! Every one gets a pair of state of the art wireless headphones when they arrive at the party, they tune in to their chosen live DJ, and then you can keep the party going all night long, without disturbing any of the neighbours!
Entrance to Silent Noise usually costs 500 rupees, with a returnable deposit of 500 rupees for the headphones.
For more information see

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wi-fi and Internet in Palolem, Goa !?

We recently received the following question from someone looking to go on holiday to Palolem:
Do you know anywhere in the area: hotels, cafes, huts etc that would enable me to use broadband wifi with a lap top?

And the answer is, yes we do!
Café Inn Coffee Shop has free Wifi!
Café Inn is a lovely coffee shop with air conditioned interior and a pretty garden at the back which is also home to possibly the best coffee in Palolem, they have a real Italian espresso machine.
You will find it just along from the bus stop (don't walk down towards the beach, but straight on from the bus stop).
For more information see Café Inn's page on our site.

On the subject of internet we also received the following question:
Can I access the internet in Palolem?

Here was our answer:
There are lots of internet cafes in Palolem with good internet connections, so as long as there are no power cuts you should have no problem accessing the internet.
If you have your own laptop you can go along to Cafe Inn and use their Wifi connection while you enjoy a first class coffee!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Live Reggae at Camp San Francisco

Every Monday at Camp San Francisco on the south side of Palolem Beach, Goa there is live reggae music led by Graeme who used to play with UB-40, who are famous for songs such as -Red, red wine- amongst others.

Most other nights at the Camp there is an open jam around the bonfire from around 10pm.

Don't miss out!

New Years on Palolem Beach!

As always, there will be lots of different parties organised on the beach in Palolem this year. Joseph Coutinho from Camp San Francisco has sent us this description of what will be going on at his resort this New Year;

Camp Sanfrancisco's celebrates the New Year's eve in the traditional goan way. that is, at 12 midnight ,there is an artificial oldman stuffed with a lot of fire works inside . he is brought on the beach and exactly at 12midnight he is set on fire and thats the beginning of the new years party there is a huge crowd gathered around to celebrate.

Thank you Joseph for getting in touch and for supplying the photo.

What are you doing in Palolem this New Year? We would love to hear your stories....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Season starts in Palolem!

The new season is starting in Palolem, Goa, India.

The season in Palolem starts in October, although most places do not really open until November.

We recently got an email from someone who wanted to know whether there would be anything open in October as that was when he was planning to arrive. Here is our reply;

''Since the new law which obliges all huts to be dismantled at the end of each season, resorts do tend to open later, because of the time it takes to put them all up again and get all relevant licenses.

However, in our experience there are places that have the right connections and manage to get up and open by October. So a lot of the places especially restaurants and bars, will already be open.

We cannot tell you which resorts specifically will be open, as we do not know, please try contacting them specifically. For their contact details see our Accommodation page.

The main road and all the businesses along there will already be open.''

When are good times to come to Palolem beach, Goa?
Christmas is a very popular time to come, but the weather is better in February and March. April and May are much hotter and things close by the end of May.

For all the answers to your question about Palolem, Goa. Please see our Questions and Answers.

See you on the beach!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We are continuing to add lots of useful information to and are slowly becoming one of the best sources of information on the net for beach huts, hotels, restaurants and things to in Palolem, Goa. We have more places to stay in the neighbouring beaches of Agonda and Columb, as well as Patnem and Palolem beaches.
Are you planning a trip to Palolem, Goa, India? Do you have any nagging questions you need answers to? Check out our Questions and Answers page.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monsoon season

The rains have arrived in Palolem, Goa, India, and will be with us probably until the end of August. The beach is awash with fish and other creatures or elements the sea brings in. The huts have all been taken down and everyone is waiting. Waiting for the monsoon to wash over Palolem and the sand to dry out, ready to receive another season of visitors.

Meanwhile we are working on our website so that it is full of information for you all to use and enjoy, making your trip to Palolem and Goa even easier.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

REIKI -The gift to yourself

I like to make the most of my time in India, and having indulged and become a devout believer in the benefits of Yoga, I decided it was now time to try out Reiki.
Michelle, who also teaches yoga and massage techniques in Patnem, runs weekly Reiki courses during the season.
Reiki was originally 'discovered' in Japan and means 'Universal Life Force Energy'. It is a way of awakening your energy and chanelling it in a healing way to yourself and others. Reiki can completely balance the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your personality.
My experience of reiki was a very powerful one and I would recommend it to anyone interested in awakening to their spirituality and inner power.

The course I took was a three day intensive course -you can read more about Reiki on our website.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Introducing our new look and feel!

Check out the website's new look and feel now!
We think it looks great and is now even easier to navigate.
We will be making more changes over the next few days and adding yet more information about Palolem beach. Our accommodation page is now pretty full of information about different places to stay in Palolem.

It's getting hotter here in Goa!

Friday, January 18, 2008

back in business

hi there folks!

Just got back from a visit to Mumbai, i won't bore you with the details but it involved 7 hours worth of exams, excellent food and a hurried morning of shopping! -i guess we should add a Mumbai section to our website as lots of people do pass through there on their way to Goa.

It's a really exciting city to visit, if you know where to go!

Our website has already made it to page 4 of a Google search if you search for 'Palolem Beach', we are updating every week and moving on up!

Check out our newest addition to the article section and our list of restaurants in Palolem, Patnem and Agonda.

It's good to be back in sleepy Goa, and back to my routine of yoga, work and shiatsu...

Goan smiles!

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